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Floating lights !

To celebrate the year of Japanese culture and the 20th anniversary of her renown clouds, Céline Wright has created a new aerial and minimalist structure that evokes the bamboo used by water porters. A structure of utmost simplicity, composed of a tube of steel and cords of black nylon with a clever system of knots which allows for the suspension of a perch against the wall. The supporting stem, perfectly stable and structurally light, permits for the delicate attachment of the lamps in Japanese paper 2m from the wall, as if suspended from a branch. The system is adjustable, available in several dimensions, with a smooth or hammered finish for a rawer look. It adapts and joins marvelously with all the Cocon, Nuage, Diva, Zen and other lamps in Japanese paper. Faithful to her roots, Céline Wright likes to think that a simple and efficient idea creates an equally particular aesthetic, a grace born entirely from hazard, an attitude much like a walk of life.